Neha Kadbe

AIT (YCP) is a great Academy. However we never met them personally being a part of an online eDAC Course. Still, they always help us whenever we need it. It was just a short five months' C-DAC Course, I learnt technologies that I will use over a lifetime to make my career and improve skills. This Course is great for Engineers. I highly recommend it. Thank you.

Gayatri Mane

I was student of DAC February 2009 batch. Because of recession I could not get many opportunities to appear for interviews. Despite having completed my course YCP allowed me to appear for campus interviews and have got selected in a very good company with salary of Rs.4.2 Lakhs/annum. I thank YCP whole-heartedly...

Krishna Murari

With true regards I want to thank you for my selection in NSDL. I got selected in NSDL in the month of December and I am working here since then. I am working here as Assistant Manager and my salary package is Rs.4.5 Lakhs/annum. It was really wonderful experience for having my DAC from YCP's AIT.

Harshad Nawathe

I am grateful to YCP for not only providing immensely useful technical knowledge but also overall personal development in stimulating and friendly environment. Finally, it also provided me an opportunity to work with MNC at best package of Rs.4.75L / p.a. even being a fresher. Thank you YCP for shaping my career.

Omkar Ambre

After completing my graduation in June 2009 I started searching for jobs but somewhere I was lacking in my technical knowledge due to which it became very tough for me to get a job. Then my friends suggested me of pursuing C-DAC which was a Government Recognized Post-Graduation in Advanced Computing. After going through a tough Entrance procedure of C-DAC i selected YCP-AIT NARIMAN POINT as my center of pursuing C-DAC as i had heard it was the best center of pursuing C-DAC from Mumbai. When our course started YCP-AIT lived up to its expectations as various Modules such as C++,.NET, Java, Oracle and many more were taught by excellent faculties who made sure that each and every student understood each and every minor and major topics of their respective modules. After lectures there were practical sessions which helped us build self-confidence in technical implementations of various technical languages. Even the non-technical staff and others were very helpful in providing us with best help that we needed during our course. Combined with all their efforts after six months i got placed in Aloha Technology in Pune. These six months at YCP-AIT were the best days of my education. C-DAC course at YCP-AIT is a rigorous course filled with lots of hard work but with fun.

Ashish Deshpande

I went to YCP's AIT for pursuing DAC in February 2010 batch and I'm glad I did it ! I didn't know what to expect when I enrolled in this program but I have been pleasantly surprised and my expectations have been fulfilled more with respect to modules of this program. Experienced faculties in this field who conduct the lectures hence you get a lot of knowledge and exposure. The great benefit was the wonderful interaction and discussion between students and faculty, which not only shared individual experiences but also joined together in the quest for knowledge. I appreciate the additional activities such as the Soft Skills Training Programs, which was wonderful and has helped me a lot. Their focus on practical skills gave me a head start on my practicum, helping me to get my job. Now I'm in a career, which I love and couldn’t be happier, anywhere else. Thanks a lot to all the people of YCP-AIT !!!

Anupam Upadhyay

I had joined Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan's Academy of Information Technology for doing PG Diploma in Advance Computing (DAC) Course. During the course, I got an opportunity to learn various Advanced Computing Software Languages from the esteemed faculty who have scaled heights in IT Industry. Also, with well-planned schedule for every module, I got to experience the Real-time Software Development atmosphere thereby infusing in me the right attitude to be on the right platform and motivating me to achieve my long-term career objectives. Undergoing such a course helped me to attain swiftness and speed in my progress to achieve my desire. With the help of esteemed faculty at YCP's AIT, my focus remained definite, clear cut and specific which finally helped me to grab an offer at a MNC. I am immensely thankful to one and all at my Institute.

Ashwini Kumar Dubey

They gave me lot of opportunities to sit in various companies. Previously I was thinking only one or two companies come but these are enormous companies. So, I thank YCP. It is they who made my carrier and gave me direction to walk.

Bhim Singh Gurjar

I was the student of DAC Aug 2010 batch. Before joining YCP I was not aware of many languages. They provide immense knowledge about various languages through the proficient faculty , along with personality development.

Akash Bansal

I am Akaseh Bansal, I was student of C-DAC DAC course at Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan in August 2010 batch. I got placed in Godrej InfoTech Limited as a Programmer in ERP Domain. I am very thankful to the academy providing us such a good Quality Faculty, especially for Database & Java. I am also thankful to the office staff, non-teaching staff, Course Co-ordinator , Director and Placement Co-ordinator of the institute for co-operating us on many occasion.

Wasim Akram

I am Wasim Akram. I am student of DAC August 2010 batch. I got placed at KewalTech by support of YCP Centre. I enjoyed whole period of DAC course in this centre. Teaching staff is very nice here in this centre. I will specially thanks to non teaching staff they all support is very musch during whole session. Vikram Sir, Pradnya Madam, Traupti mam, Vandana mam and all other staff members are very helpful and have kindly nature. I enjoyed and learned so many things from this centre. Thanks to every teaching and non-teaching staff from deep of my heart.

Yashashree Sunil Thanekar

I am thankful to YCP for helping me improve my technical skills & also my communication skills through the business communication lectures. They have helped us a lot during the campus placements and have given us many opportunities during the placement programs. Due to their efforts I was placed in a good company. My experience of being part of YCP was wonderful. I thank YCP whole-heartedly.

Sagar Sonawane

I opted for this Institute due to its Placement Record and Reputation. I had joined Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan's Academy of Information Technology (YCP's AIT) for pursuing C-DAC's DAC (Diploma In Advanced Computing), a PG Diploma. I am thankful to the Academy for providing such a high quality Faculty members, especially for Database and Java Technology. I am also thankful to non-teaching staff of YCP, Course Co-ordinator, Placement Co-ordinator and the Director of the Institute for Co-operating us on many occasions.

Swati Bhujbal

I had very good experience in YCPAIT as a student and as an employee also. Visiting faculty coming for teaching for DAC are very good. YCPAIT office staff is very supportive and caring. They teach me how to work in office. How should you behave in office and many little things. They also provide me big opportunity in IT office through placement.

Nandita Agrwal

I missed my chance in CET and then by God's grace I got chance in LET i.e. Local Entrance Test in YCP. I completed DAC course successfully. I enjoyed a lot in these 6 months. These were the most rememberable days of my life. And last but not least I was the first to get placed in my entire batch. I got placed in with good package. Also I got the Best Student award in YCPAIT and was awarded by the same. YCPAIT was my entrance in the IT world. I thank YCPAIT for everything. Thank you.

Ranjeet Singh Yadav

YCPAIT is the place for achievers, who don't want to stop their self. Who think that their destination is for somewhere? YCPAIT is the best college for C-DAC, because YCPAIT provides the world class faculty. YCPAIT always support the student. They take care of student as family. Because YCPAIT is able to understand the students pressure during the DAC course. Magnificent class and lab environment is provided by the YCPAIT. I feel lucky that I am the student of YCPAIT. I will always be thankful of YCPAIT

Shubhangi S. Gorwadkar

According to me YCP’s is the best college I got chance to learn more than I expect from this college. I personally thanks to all for support also for each help which they have promoted during & after course. Due to YCP’s AIT I got confidence to face any situation. Also I learn many Languages. Due to the Communication lecture my communication skills improved In short YCP’s AIT change my life within 6 month. I got placed in CYBAGE PT.LTD.

Tejal Dilip Mahajan

YCP's AIT Institute helped me a lot to improve technically the staff for Java and Oracle are excellent. The lab faculty helped me to improve practically the mini project give me exposure on Java and main project on DOT NET thus due to projects I gain exposure on both technologies the support staff is also very helpful & I enjoyed my six months of training. I got placed in M/S Birds Eye a software...

Ekta Kumari

I joined YCP's AIT for pursuing DAC in February 2012 batch and after that my technical knowledge increases I like to work on language because YCP's give the best faculty. Now placement, which is my dream finally, I got placed in Atos just because of YCP's staff and faculty. Thank you YCP for completing my dream...

Ajit Bhosale

YCP's is the best center for doing DAC; it provides all facilities to their student. Faculty is very good they provide all type of study project related assistance. I got placed into Pro Rigo with salary of Rs.3.5 Lakhs/annum. It helped to equip us for our bright IT CARRIER. Thank you YCP for shaping my career.

Vibhavari B. Patil

I would like to thank you YCP-AIT for all support they have given. Really the six months of DAC Course was a wonderful experience, thanks you all once again. I got placed in ETP International Pvt. Ltd.

Vishal Dilip Bhoge

I am very thankful to YCP's AIT that they are very helpful and co-operative from my first day to the end. Thank full to YCP's AIT that they provide me opportunity in various company during placement and I got selected in HOC Company...

Shashank Malali

My views about YCP's AIT Before 2nd round of counseling Of C-DAC, I just come to know that YCP is the best institute in Mumbai I just closed my eyes and selected the center as Y.C.P.When I came to YCP for 2nd round I thought my dream would definitely come true. I was selected after 2nd round...

Nilesh Yadav

After completing my degree I know I was lacking in my technical skills. I came to know about C-DAC and YCP’s AIT, which provided this courses. I joined PG-DAC in Aug 12 and till now the course finished I Experienced a certain growth in my technical skills. All above that YCP also provided me with placement opportunities and currently I am placed at 3i Infotech because of YCP’s efforts.

Manisha Madke

I Manisha R. Madke was student of YCP’s AIT August 2012 batch after completing B.Sc computer science. I experienced that getting a job in today market is very difficult technical knowledge was also not good, and so I decided to join PG-DAC course in YCP’s AIT. Now, I have completed my course and I am having good technical knowledge of almost all current technologies, and the major part that I got placed in well-reputed company as trainee software engineer. This all because of YCP’s AIT. Thank you YCP-AIT!!

Keval Jadhav

I am Keval Jadhav student of YCP’s AIT PG- DAC AUG 2012 Batch. I would like to take opportunity to thank YCP’s AIT for planning me in a company like Cybage Software Pvt. Ltd., pun. as a GA Engineer...

Abhijeet Chaudhari

As we know doing only degree course i.e. BE. / B. Tech. don’t get us explored to much technical knowledge as required by the industry to work. So I decided to join C-DAC for PG-DAC course. After joining YCP’s AIT for DAC course, I start gaining all technical knowledge required in I. T. Industry to service...

Rohit Kamble

I joined Yashwantrao Chavan Pratishthan’s Academy of information Technology for Pursuing PG-DAC (Diploma in advance Computing). It’s been a great teaming experience with YCP’s AIT. I am thankful to the Academy for providing high quality faculty members. It helped me to grow Professionally as well as an individual. Special thanks to Director sir, Course Co-ordinator and whole YCP’s AIT team.

Vaibhav Bagal

I joined YCP’s AIT for doing PG-DAC course in Aug. 2012 Batch. In YCP’s AIT During different modules like Java, Dotnet, Oracle, Data structure there was practical sessions, which helped me to build self-confidence in technical implementations. Combined with all their efforts after 6 month I got placed in Techhighway Pvt Ltd. in Pune. Even though my aggregate percentage of B.E. is less as compare to others...

Mayuresh Jadhav

I Mayuresh B. Jadhav was student of YCP’s AIT Aug. 2012 Batch. After completing engineering in I.T. I experienced that getting a Job in today’s market is very difficult. My technical knowledge was also not good. So, decided to join PG-DAC course in YCP’s AIT. I have got a very good placement in 3i Infotech...

Vaibhav Shastrakar

Hi, I am Vaibhav P. Shastrakar a student of YCP’s AIT Mumbai. I have completed my PG-DAC Course from this institute successfully with lots of learning and fun. I simply cannot forget the efforts put by all YCP’s AIT Staff in teaching all difficult technologies in DAC Course in very simple and lucid way. If you want to crack any technical interview or HR Interview then there is no other institute in C-DAC which will...

Mandar Krishna Ambekar

I Mandar Krishna Ambekar student of YCP’s AIT (DACA) August 2012 Batch. I was interested in designing and animation (2D, 3D} so I decided to join DACA course in YCP’s AIT. Now, I have completed my course and I am having good knowledge of designing animation and graphics, and the major part that I got placed in well-reputed company as web designer. This is all possible because of YCP’s AIT. Thank you YCP’s AIT.

Komal Yeole

I, Miss Komal Narayan Yeole was just an Electronics Telecommunication Engineer before coming to C-DAC Course. I was in search of job after my B.E, but due to some reason I was doing lectureship in Nagpur. I wasn’t satisfied with the job of Lectureship so, I decided to give my best in Engineering field and joined PG-DAC Course at YCP’s AIT to gain more Knowledge in IT and develop my skills in technology. I am very thankful to YCP’s AIT to give me such golden chance to explore myself in the industrial world, especially to our Placement Co-ordinator Bharti Madam who made it possible for me to pass the gate of success by giving me right direction.

Mohini S Upasani

I, Mohini S Upasani student of YCP’s AIT August 2012 Batch. After completing my engineering in IT, I experienced that getting a job without a technical skill is very tough.But after joining C-DAC Course at YCP’s AIT my technical skills really improved as well as my communication skills was lot better than earlier. Now I am placed in ACE...

Zain Zahid Ibrahim Rana

I joined YCPAIT to pursue my PG-DAC Diploma course provided by C-DAC. The 6-month course was really intensive and I experienced a vast increase in my knowledge. The faculties, teachers and infrastructure are very good. Thanks to the placement department. I was the first candidate to be placed in CDAC-Mumbai itself, with a package of 3.72-lakh ...

Avanti Balwant

I joined YCP for pursing the PG-DAC Course. I have completed my BE in Computers but was not placed by college campus. Also the knowledge that I had during that time was not enough for any IT company. So Joining YCP helped in gaining that technical knowledge. The faculties that teach over here helped me to achieve my goals. After completing my PG-DAC, I got placed in Ugam Solutions as a Junior Programmer...

Heena Shukla

I am very thankful to YCP-AIT. The entire faculty and staff member all are very cooperative. All of them had helped in whatever way they can. Faculty have supported a lot. Each of us was given individual attention. It was great to be here 6 months. I enjoyed studying and got placed in MNC Company (Ebix Software Pvt.Ltd)...

Gaurav Vijan

I thank each and every faculty who has given so much knowledge. After completing my engineering in IT, I experienced that getting a job without a technical skill is very tough. But after joining C-DAC Course at YCP’s AIT my technical skills really improved as well as my communication skills was lot better than earlier. Now I am placed in MNC Company (Ebix Software Pvt.Ltd) as Java developer...

Anurag Dubey

I joined AIT (YCP) to pursue PG-DAC FEB 2013 Course. The faculty and staff members are very co-operative and helpful. It was great to be here 6 months I enjoyed studying and got placed in Tasaa Infosolution Pvt.Ltd as Software Programmer. Many thanks to the placement staff for providing me with this opportunity.

Shivam Parashar

I got placement in BLUE STAR INFOTEC. And for this achievement YCP-AIT play a biggest role to give me this path because in B.E my knowledge is null but after C-DAC I know how to work with various technology. So Thank to YCP-AIT...

Akash Mani

It was good experience to join AIT (YCP) for PG-DAC C-DAC Course. I learned different languages. I was from electronics background. The AIT (YCP) staff is very helpful. It enhanced my technical skills, so that I got job in Aurion Pro. I would like to specially thank my faculties that helped me to be a part of MNC...

Nilesh Badgujar

I Joined Academy of Information Technology (YCP) for persuing PG-DAC (Diploma in Advanced Computing) C-DAC Course. The teaching staff who came to teach subjects like JAVA/J2EE, Dot Net and Orcale is industrial specialists with very high experience in their respective field. They not only prepare you from technologies point of view but also from interview perspective. During 6 months of course, I experienced a vast increase in my knowledge...

Supriya H. Nakkalwar

I would like to thank AIT (YCP) for enhancing my technical skills personal skills such as soft skills, which helped me in increasing confidence in me. Business communication sessions were very important because of which I gained more confidence and due to which my career goals became clear and...

Gandhar Mujumdar

I am very happy because, I got placed in Saint Gobain. I want to thank AIT (YCP) for their efforts for getting me placed. The faculty for all subjects are very good specially C, C++ and Dot Net.I recommend all the students to take admission in AIT (YCP). To all the students you have talent just you require some one who will take it out.

Anil Singh

I joined AIT (YCP) to pursue PG-DAC AUG 2013 Course and I got placement in BLUE STAR INFOTECH. According to me AIT (YCP) is one the best college. Here I got chance to develop my technical skills as well as my soft skills...

Rupesh Ramesh Tupsoundray

After completing engineering from Electronics and Telecommunication, I experienced that getting a job without a technical skill is very difficult. So I switched by career by joining C-DAC course at AIT (YCP) and my technical skills really improved. Now I am placed in CAPGEMINI as Software Engineer. This is all because of AIT (YCP).

Rakesh Jadhav

I would like to thanks AIT (YCP) Technical and Non – Teaching staff everyone, who have taught me, for their support, guidance and sharing knowledge with me.Before coming in AIT (YCP) my technical as well as personal skills was not so strong, but PG-DAC C-DAC course and faculty to increase my knowledge a lot and I have got placed in SYNOPSYS Company with a package of 2.6 L. P. A.

Akanksha Mohobansi

Being from Chemical field. Computer and languages related to it was totally new for me. But within this Six Months, I got all the knowledge about all the subjects and got a very good training. We got support of all the teaching & non-teaching staff...

Kamni Jaiswal

I want to say that the faculties of AIT (YCP) are good they give us the right direction for move. The library facility was very good in AIT (YCP). Technical team, Lab Faculty and Office Staff are also very good and helping in nature. I enjoyed each & every moment in AIT (YCP). I have done many mistakes, but my faculty was very nice, they taught me the right thing to do...

Pravin B. Wagh

After B. E. I was lacking in my technical & communication skills, by joining the PG-DAC C-DAC course at AIT (YCP) improved me a lot. This course helped me improve my technical knowledge and other communication skills. AIT (YCP) is one of the best center for doing C-DAC course. The center staff is very helpful & the teaching faculties over here are one of the best faculties in the industry. So doing the PG-DAC...

Vaibhav Lohkare

This is good institute. I am very thankful to AIT (YCP). The staff is very helpful and co-operative. PG-DAC C-DAC courses is very good platform which gave me a chance to work with Celusion Technology, Mumbai. I am always thankful for AIT (YCP) to placement me. Thanking you AIT (YCP)!!!

Jueeli Chaudhari

I Jueeli Chaudhari was student of AIT (YCP) August 2013 batch after completing B.E. I experienced that getting a job in today’s market is very difficult, and so I decided to join C-DAC PG-DAC Course in AIT (YCP).Now, I have completed my course and I am having good technical knowledge of almost all current technologies. I am thankful to AIT (YCP) for providing high quality faculty members...

Dnyaneshwar M. Chaudhari

I am Dnyaneshwar M. Chaudhari before joining the PG-DAC, C-DAC course from AIT (YCP), I had not any knowledge about computer language, and my knowledge about computer languages was zero level before joining the course. But under proper guidance of visiting faculties and staff members my knowledge increased and helped cleared all my doubt...

Ashutosh Dubey

I am Ashutosh Dubey after completing B.E my technical knowledge was very poor than I decided to do C-DAC PG-DAC Course from AIT (YCP). Now finally I am placed in Avenues India Pvt. Ltd. It’s a credit goes to AIT (YCP), teaching as well as non teaching staff helped me a lot. I would like to also thank bharti mam.

Bhavana Wankhede

I am Bhavana Wankhede student of the Diploma in Java Programming. I have done B. E. in Information Technology still I was not having job. But after completing my Diploma in Java Programming C-DAC Course from AIT (YCP), I got placed in the CMC Limited Company...

Harshal J. Nandgaonkar

I am Harshal J. Nandgaonkar student of AIT (YCP) done CCAC Course (Certificate Course in Advanced Computing). I am sharing my experience with you. Before joining AIT (YCP) did not got any opportunity to work in Information Technology industry, but AIT (YCP) gave me that opportunity & I am very thankful to them...

Dipak Patil

I am Dipak Patil before joining the PG-DAC, C-DAC course from AIT (YCP), I have work experience of 2.5 years after leaving the job I have undergone different courses like PLC AUTOMATION, MCSA & MBA but I did not have job. C-DAC PG-DAC Course helped me in increasing my knowledge and now I got placed in TASAA Software Services Pvt. Ltd...

Harshad S. Mandlik

I joined the PG –DAC course for the batch Feb. 2015 at YCP center which provided a good platform to learn the technical skills as well as communication skills. The Business Communication lecture which were hold in C-DAC helped me a lot to crack the many rounds in Deloitte and get placed Deloitte mainly was looking into the communication part...

Gaurav S. Jadhav

I joined C-DAC Feb 2015 batch. I am very thankful to YCPAIT as they provided me excellent platform to develop my technical as well as communication skills I am very thankful to my placement Co-ordinater Bharati Mam and course co-ordinater Pradyna mam for their support during Placement process.

Chetan Purohit

I Joined YCP-AIT to pursue my PG-DAC Diploma course provided by C-DAC. I would like to share my experience during the entire C-DAC course. Before joining this course I didn’t have knowledge about many new technologies like Java advanced, Dot Net, AWP and YCP AIT also gives the extra lectures as Cloud computing during 6 months...

Varsha Shinde

I Joined YCP AIT to pursue my PG-DAC Diploma course provided by C-DAC. AIT provided me excellent platform to grow my technical as well as communication skills.I really enjoyed the 6 months of C-DAC. After completing this course I got placement in Control Case with 3.6 lakh...

Satish Udgave

I joined YCP-AIT to pursue my PG-DAC Diploma course provided by C-DAC. AIT provided me excellent platform to grow my technical as well as communication skills. I really enjoyed 6 months of C-DAC , After completing this course, I got placed in 3I-infotech banglore. I would like to thanks to teaching staff and non- teaching staff.

Vidhyadhar Yewale

I had Joined CDAC PG-DAC course at YCP-AIT center for DAC FEB 2015 Batch. The Learning experience & staff and all the faculty members were very supportive and helpful. It was good 6 months exposure to me IT Technology was very helpful in my career growth as well. I would like...

Sandeep Kumar

I joined C-DAC PG-DAC Course at AIT (YCP). They played a huge role in terms of learning and to get familiar with various new technologies which are in high demand in the IT sector. The management team is co-operative and guides very professionally. Also the soft-skills sessions they conducted for the students helped very well while facing the interviews or any...

Dhananjay Ramesh Zatke – Placed In Amdocs

I would like to thank our Director Sir. In our induction, sir had said the statement,” Do Hardwork, Hardwork Pays”. I have implemented it and that’s the only reason I have been placed in the first company which come in campus of Mumbai region, on the first day in my first ever Professional Interview. Thank you Pradnya Madam, Bharti Madam and Surbhi Madam for your support...